Enhanced Care at a Reasonable Cost

Patients pay an annual fee or retainer, in addition to insurance charges. In exchange for the retainer, Dr. Gautam Valdlamudi provides enhanced care at a reasonable cost. In fact, the monthly fee is no more than a cell phone bill.


Affordable. Flexible. Convenient Care.


  • $125 per person, per month
  • $200 per couple, per month
  • $250 for a family of 4 per month


Dr. Valdlamudi’s concierge medical care is not your typical 9 to 5 approach to medicine. It’s personalized and gives you direct access to the care you need most, when you need it.


Great for last minute medical care needs, routine services like blood draws and treatment of minor illnesses and minor injuries –  concierge medicine is a return to a more personal and meaningful relationship with your physician.


Find out more about the benefits, flexibility and affordability of concierge service, contact Dr. Valdlamudi and make an appointment today!



Affordable. Flexible.  Convenient Care.